ATM & Debit Cards

MasterMoney Debit Card

Now you can enjoy faster, easier checking! Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card service gives you immediate access to your checking, with all the conveniences of a card. It is your ultimate debit card.

Easy to Use - To make a purchase, just present your Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card. The purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account, and you get a receipt for your records. Each transaction will appear on your monthly checking account statement with dates, amounts and merchant names or locations.

Extra Convenience - Your Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card is accepted more readily than a personal check, there is no ID required. It's faster than a check, nothing to write out. And because it's a MasterCard product, you can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted, more than 13 million places around the world.

Extra Safety - Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card is safer than carrying cash, easier than carrying a checkbook. And if your card is lost or stolen, you aren't liable for unauthorized purchases.

Quick Cash - For instant cash from your checking account, take your Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card to any of 140,000 financial institutions worldwide. You may also make cash withdrawals from your checking at any automated teller machine displaying the Pulse or CIRRUS logo worldwide.

Fees - There are no transaction fees charged by our bank when using your MasterMoney Card to purchase goods at any of the places where MasterCard is accepted worldwide. However, there may be a fee for cash withdrawals at automated teller machines. Please refer to the ATM Card product section for the fee schedule on automated teller machine transactions.

You can see that the Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card is the ultimate debit card because it has more services available than an ordinary ATM card. However, the Farmers & Merchants' MasterMoney Card is available only to qualified checking account customers of the bank.

To Apply for a MasterMoney Card please request an application from Customer Service. You may stop in, telephone, or e-mail us a request using our Contact Us page.


A PULSE Card from us is a convenient way to take your money everywhere. With your PULSE Card you can "bank" with us at more locations than ever before, and at any time of any day. You no longer have to carry large sums of cash especially when out of town.

PULSE ATM Locations

Farmers & Merchants participates in national and regional ATM networks to give you access to your accounts anywhere in the United States and the world.

Loss of Your Card

If your ATM Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the bank and we will instruct the PULSE system to capture and prohibit any unauthorized use. You can lose no more than $50 if someone used your card and PIN without your permission.

To Apply for an ATM Card please request an application from a Personal Banker. You may stop in, telephone, or e-mail us a request using our Contact Us page.