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109th Anniversary
Thanks for helping us celebrate our bank's 109th anniversary on Friday December 02, 2011. (As one of our customer puts it "Cookies, Coffee and Calendars.")  Indeed it was.  Coffee was served along with our famous homemade cookies and treats and of course, calendars were given out by the scores.
All three locations participated in the celebration
1644 Ludington St, Marinette
2811 Roosevelt Rd, Marinette
114 S Hwy 141, Crivitz
 Thanks again for joining us in celebrating our 109th anniversary


Halloween at The Bank 10/31/11
Scary looking bunch...
Pictures by Donn Williams

Halloween Loan Staff 103111 Halloween Tellers and Customer Service staff 103111 Halloween Operations Staff 103111

And... 10/27/11 Downtown Halloween pics...

Brenda and Grandson 102711 Brenda Gertz
Grandson Tranden
Brenda and Tammy Devil and Angel Brenda - Customer Service Rep - Devil & Tammy - Loan Doc Review - Angel
Mindy Eric and kids as Burt and Ernie and Spider Princesses Mindy Campbell (Ernie) - Loan Processor, Eric - (Burt)
Krista & Deanna -Spider Princesses, Courtney - Cowgirl
and Collin - Dinosaur
Nancy's grand kids Nancy Lemery's Grankids:
Adam - GB FB Player, Kelsey - Prom Queen, Wyatt - Ninja, Chloe - Rapunzel and Megan - Witch
Craig and sons Craig Polzin
Asst VP/Asst Cashier
and Brady & Andrew


Waterfront Festival Parade Float
Pictures by Cindy Goldsmith & Donn Williams
Float by Tammy Billock & Tom Behnke
Truck/Driver Lloyd Cook

Float Crew in pictures below:
A J Behnke, Jacob & Tammy Billock,
Laura Boogie, Richie DePaoli, Brenda Gertz,
Tranden Glover, Kendell Klatt, Landen &
Marguerite Lozier & Lisa Thorsen

FMBT Float WFF CG 080711 1     FMBT WFF Float CG 080711 2

FMBT WFF Float CG 080711 3     FMBT WFF Float CG 080711 4

FMBT WFF Float CG 080711 5     FMBT WFF Float CG 080711 6

FMBT WFF Float DW 080711 7     FMBT WFF Float DW 080711 8

FMBT WFF Float DW 080711 9


Tom Maxwell, President of the Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust speaking to stockholders at their annual meeting. Story & Picture by Donn Williams - Director of Marketing

Tom Maxwell speaking to stockholders

News about the local economy has been a mix of good and bad, Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust President Tom Maxwell told the bank’s stockholders during the annual meeting of F&M Bankshares Inc., Tuesday, Feb. 8.

  Maxwell said the best news the community has received was the announcement by the Navy, Dec. 29, that Lockheed Martin and Marinette Marine have been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to build 10 more Littoral Combat Ships.

  “The Lockheed Martin team received a $491 million contract that could be worth as much as $4 billion when all options are exercised,” Maxwell said. “Right now there are about 850 employees at Marinette Marine. This contract should add up to 1,000 jobs locally. Hiring would start late this summer with about 45 (people) hired each month.”

  In addition, at least 250 subcontractors in the area will be involved in the project and they too will be adding jobs.

  “This is the most significant economic news in years,” Maxwell added. “It will not only create jobs, but increase retail sales, increase home values, increase school enrollment, and generate additional tax revenue for state and local governments.”

  Maxwell cited other recent job growth in the community.
·        Waupaca Foundry, one of Marinette’s major employers, has seen an increase in orders and as a result hired about 120 new employees. The workforce there now has grown to 725.
·        Nu Vu Food Service Systems in Menominee, which manufactures ovens nationally for Subway, has announced it will be hiring to fill new jobs that have been created.
·        Anchor Coupling, a major Menominee employer, has also hired additional workers.
·        And work continues on Ansul’s Engineering Center for Excellence at the company’s test field site.

  The most discouraging economic news is that some local industries are struggling with layoffs and shortened work weeks for employees.

  Maxwell is looking ahead to the remainder of 2011 with “cautious optimism.” “We’re still in a recession with high unemployment and a depressed housing market - we’re not out of the woods yet,” he concluded. “The Marinette Marine contract – while it’s fantastic news – it’s going to take a while for the benefits to be felt, probably the better part of a year before we see any affects from that.”



Crivitz 4th of July Float.
Story by Donn Williams - Director of Marketing
Pictures by Cheryl Maxwell

This float entitled "The Priceless Check Written by our Military Heroes," designed and constructed by employees from Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust's Crivitz Branch, appeared in the Crivitz Fourth of July Parade. The float was awarded third place in judging conducted by the Crivitz American Legion.

Crivitz Parade Float 070401          Crivitz Parade Float 070411 

Crivitz Parade Float 070411
The Marine in the float photo is
Sergeant (Sgt.) Nicholas C. Johnsen

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