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Welcome to the Galaxies Unlimited Kids Club Home Page

This is no ordinary savings club. It is open to all young savers through the age 18. No matter where you are in our galaxy, you'll find that we're here to help you reach for the highest star! Every child is a millionaire in the start saving for your future with Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust today. You may even learn some interesting and fun facts about savings and money along the way!


Cosmic Kids

Shooting Stars

Super Stars

birth - 5 yrs old

6 - 11 yrs old

12 - 14 yrs old

15 - 18 yrs old

It's Easy To Start

Open your account with a deposit of only $10 or more.

Easy To Maintain

A $10.00 minimum balance must be maintained in order to keep your account open.
Interest begins to accrue the day of your deposit!

There's More...

When your account balance exceeds $200.00, you qualify to transfer your money to a special
Galaxies Unlimited Certificate of Deposit (CD) and earn even higher interest!

You Get...

Please contact a Personal Banker to enroll your child in this savings club today!


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