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Practical Money Skills For Life
Financial Literacy For Everyone - Games  (Grades K - 12)
Presented by Visa
These dynamic, educational video games engage kids while teaching them important money skills.
Money Metropolis allows kids ages 7–12 to navigate a multi-dimensional world,
making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank account shrinks or grows.
And in Peter Pig's Money Counter, kids ages 4–7 can practice sorting and counting coins with the
help of wise Peter Pig

Printables, Color Money Bunny, Stories & Podcasts -  (Grades K - 5)
Presented by Money Management International
Money Bunny - Take a Vacation & Money Bunny - Brownie Wants a New Bike

 U.S. Mint - Kids 
H.I.P. Pocket Change -  (Grades K - 12)
The US Mint's Site For Kids- Learn all about coins and when you are finished there,
you can visit the official
U.S. Mint Pages

 U.S. Currency - Know Your Money - Youth Education -  (Grades K - 12)
The U.S. government has created a variety of youth education materials that are free of charge and can be
downloaded. Or, you can visit the official
U.S. Bureau of Printing & Engraving (BEP) pages and
learn everything there is to know about currency

  Treasury Direct - Kids - Debt, Securities & Bonds
Treasury Direct Kids  - (Grades K - 12)
Debt, Securities & Bonds
Games, Timelines, Money Math & Interactive Savings Bond Timeline

 Build a Monster
 Build a Monster!
Yep, you can build your very own monster on this link!

 Seussville Story Maker
lets you produce, write & direct your own 3-scene story complete with music!

Seussville Storybook Maker (html version)
Seussville Storybook Maker (SWF version)
Then visit
Seussville for fun, games, books and more...

 Want to Start and Run a Business?
Welcome to Opportunity City where you can be a hot shot business owner!
Hot Shot Business
presented by Disney

 This is & games!
PBS Kids Games

Visit the Homework Helper page for many more fun & educational kids links on

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