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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to have your money deposited directly into your checking or savings account. The most common use of direct deposit is salary payments. When you use direct deposit, you allow a company or organization to electronically transfer money into your bank account. So instead of taking the time to cash a check yourself, the money will automatically be deposited into your account on an agreed upon date. It's that simple.

Why Use Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit offers you many advantages over checks, including:

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Deposit. If you are interested in establishing Direct Deposit, to open your account now, Contact Us or stop by any of our three Locations to speak with a Personal Banker. If necessary, we will forward the agreement for your signature(s).

Safe Deposit Boxes

The bank, at its downtown & Crivitz locations, rents safe deposit boxes for the secure storage of important documents and valuables. Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Two keys are issued to the lessee and these are the only keys available to enter the box. The bank does not have any keys to access any box which is currently leased by you.

Rentals are for one year, paid in advance. Renewal invoices are sent annually based upon the month in which the box was originally leased by you. The only persons who may enter a safe deposit box must be authorized on the lease agreement. Entry to a safe deposit box requires a signature verification which compares your signature on the access slip with the signature on the original lease agreement.
The cost of renting a safe deposit box are as follows:

Box Size Annual Fee

If a box size is not available, you can request to be placed on a waiting list. When it becomes available, we will call you. In the event that you should lose both keys to the safe deposit box, the bank will contract with an independent locksmith to open the box. The cost for emergency drilling of the safe deposit box is $200 and payable before any work begins. You must also be present at this forced opening.

Upon termination of the safe deposit lease, you must return the two keys issued to you originally. If you unable to return one or both keys, you will charged $15.00 for each key not returned to the bank. All fees are subject to change without notice.

If you are interested in getting a Safe Deposit Box, please Contact Us or stop by any of our three Locations to speak with a Personal Banker.. 

Overdraft Protection

The bank offers overdraft protection to those customers who need to write a check against their account but cannot get to the bank to make a deposit, telephone the bank to make a transfer or have made an error in their check register. Some familiar examples are: you are out of town and won't be back before the check clears, or the bank is closed and you have to remember to call us when we're open to transfer funds from another account to cover the check.

Overdraft Protection can solve those problems for you by providing protection from an inadvertent overdraft by granting the Bank the authority to transfer funds from a passbook or statement savings account or a money market deposit account to cover the overdrawn balance in your Checking or NOW account. 

Remember, there are no costs associated with establishing overdraft protection. The only charge occurs when it is actually needed by you. If you are interested in establishing overdraft protection for your Checking or NOW account, Contact Us or stop by any of our three Locations to speak with a Personal Banker. If necessary, we will forward the agreement for your signature(s).

Miscellaneous Fee Schedule