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Hi-Q Regional Championships - 2010
Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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2010 Hi-Q Regionals Finals  Finals  Finals 
Semi- Round Round Totals
Finals  #1  #2  Cumulative
1 Menominee  34 44 53 97
2 Wausaukee    29 37 66
3 Crivitz    28 23 51
4 Marinette  31      
5 Oconto Falls  22      

Menominee HS Hi-Q 1st Place Team 2010 2010 Hi-Q Winners - The Menominee High School Team won 1st place and $2,000.00 for the 2010 regional competition.
Team Members pictured: Adam Chartier, Catherine Haight, Margaret Hitch, Claire Anderson, Erik Thomas, Ryan Thomas & Tony Verkerke. Faculty Advisors are: Tim Leinonen & Ron Jackson. Not pictured:  Principal Scott Vincent and Superintendent Erik Bergh.
Wausaukee HS Hi-Q Team 2nd Place 2010

2010 Hi-Q team of Wausaukee High School which took second place includes William Porter, Joe Jaworski, Jacob Rich, Jonelle Lesniak, Jennifer Klimek, Brett Edlbeck, Cutler Lewandowski, Brooke Wickman & Caitlyn Tracy. Faculty Advisor is Suzan Schlies.  Not pictured: Building Administrator Bill Wickman and Superintendent Jan Dooley. Wausaukee High School will receive $1,500.00 for their efforts.

Crivitz HS Hi-Q Team 3rd Place 2010

2010 Hi-Q team of Crivitz High School which took third place includes Chad Kahles, Lindsey Fickler, Justin Myszka, Joshua Chilcote, Stephanie Trottier, & Nicole Malchow.  Faculty Advisors are Elizabeth Ande3rson and Jerry Heroux.  Not pictured:  Principal Jeff Baumann and Superintendent Dr. Robert Cavanaugh. Crivitz HS received a $1,000.00 prize for their school.

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