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Hi-Q is an academic quiz competition for high school students.  Currently eighteen schools from Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan actively compete. Each school's team is composed of eight students who are counseled by a representative of the school faculty (called a team adviser.)

There are three rounds of contests during the regular Hi-Q season that begin in January each year.  Each team competes once in each round, and three teams appear on stage in each contest.  At the end of this series of eighteen contests, standings are determined by the total points earned by each team in the three programs in which it competes.

At the conclusion of the first three rounds, final rounds are played consisting of three matches - one semi-final and two finals.   The semi-final match will be hosted by the third highest scoring team from the first round.  This team will compete against teams four and five.  These three teams will start with zero points and compete for the third place spot.

The winner of the semi-final contest will then compete against teams one and two (the first and second highest scoring teams of the first three rounds.)  Again, these three teams will begin with zero points.  Teams one and two will each host a final championship contest.

Questions are drawn from 14 subjects and based primarily on the content of standard high school courses and general scholastic knowledge that students can be expected to have acquired at school or elsewhere.  Guidelines for study and specific reference material are provided when the category is not usually a standard high school course.

Questions are prepared from various reference works of which the students are informed.  Subjects covered are American Government, American History, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Current Events, Geography, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Shakespeare, Sports, and World History.

Awards:  After the finals competition, first, second, and third place teams from that contest win cash awards for their schools of $2,000, $1,500, and $1,000 respectively.  Certificates are presented to each member of all of the eighteen school teams.