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Marinette County, WI

Bull Falls - At Amberg, WI. Take Highway K east of Highway 141, about 1/2 mile to the power line right-of-way and walk a couple of blocks north under the lines. A path takes you to the rapids on the Pike River.

Dave's Falls Park on the Pike River, just north of Amberg, WI on Highway 141. In addition to the scenic Waterfalls and rock formations, this park offers playground and restroom facilities.

Long Slide Falls & Smalley Falls- Morgan Park - 32-unit campsite on Timms Lake in the Town of Niagara, WI. Turn east on Kremlin Road from US-141 on north edge of Pembine; follow Kremlin Road 6 miles, then north 1 mile on Timm's Lake Road. Swimming, beach, lake and stream fishing, boat landing, playground, rock outcroppings and overlook. Electricity available. Firewood is available for $3.00 a bundle. A small youth group campsite is available by reservation (715)732-7530. $8.00 per site per night. $1.00 each vehicle per night. Long Slide Falls. Take Morgan Park east on Highway 141, and follow the signs to Falls. A good parking space is provided. It's about a 1/4 mile hike on a nice path to the Falls. The Falls drop about 50 feet through the rocks. It's a magnificent scene. Also, Smalley Falls. Upstream from Long Slide Falls. It's about a 1/2 mile hike from the bigger Long Slide Falls.

McClintock Falls - McClintock Park - 10-unit campsite on the Peshtigo River in Town of Silver Cliff, WI. Located 4 miles south of Goodman Park on Parkway Road. Trout fishing, interesting hardwood-hemlock timber stand. No electricity; water at hand pump. $6.00 per site. McClintock Falls is a series of rapids with bridges for exceptional views.

Strong Falls - Goodman Park - 15-unit campsite on Peshtigo River in Town of Silver Cliff. Go west from US-141 at Wausaukee, WI on County Highway C for 20 miles, then north 9 miles on Parkway Road, then northwest 2 miles on Goodman Park Road. Trout fishing,, playground and hiking trail. No electricity; water at hand pump. A small group campsite is available by reservation; contact The Marinette County Recreation Office (715)732-7530. $6.00 per site per night. $1.00 each vehicle each night. Strong Falls is a great place for pictures with large rock backgrounds and attractive falls.

Twelve Foot, Eight Foot, and Eighteen Foot Falls, all within walking distance of 12-Foot Falls Park. 12-Foot Falls Park - 6-unit campsite south of picnic area and 5-unit trailer campsite at top of hill just inside park entrance sign. Located in Town of Dunbar, WI on North Branch of Pike River. Follow US-8 six miles west of US-41; turn south on Lily Road 2 miles, then west on Twin Lake Road 1/2 mile, then south on Twelve Foot Falls Road. Trout fishing. No Electricity. $6.00 per site.

Veterans Falls - Veteran's Memorial Park - 15-unit campsite on the Thunder River. Follow County Highway W west of Crivitz, WI for 12 miles to Parkway Road, then north 3 miles. Veterans Falls waterfalls, trout fishing, playground. No Electricity; water at hand pump. $6.00 per site.


Marinette County, WI

Amberg Museum & Historical Complex - Northern Marinette County, Amberg, WI off Highway 141. Open weekends, Memorial Day thru Labor Day, and holidays 10am - 4pm. Where granite was king; artifacts include quilts, photograph displays, quarry tools used in the area. Donations. (715)759-5484

Crivitz Area Museum - Crivitz, WI in south central Marinette County just off Highway 141 on South St. Open May to October. Wed thru Sat, noon - 4pm. Includes past Indian artifacts, musical instruments, farm equipment. Donations accepted. (715)854-3278

Marinette County Logging Museum, Stephenson Island in Marinette, WI. Open Mon thru Sat 10am - 4:30pm; Sun noon - 4pm, Memorial Day thru September. A museum dedicated to the courageous men who worked the woods from 1856 - 1917, an era when the area's splendid pine forests helped start the construction boom that burgeoned some of the largest cities in the Great Lakes states. More than 10,608, 229, 506 feet of timber were processed thru Marinette-Menominee. The museum includes a replica of an old logging camp and a restored, turn-of-the century log cabin, complete with furnishings. Admission charge or freewill offering.

Peshtigo Fire Museum and Cemetery - Oconto Ave, Peshtigo, WI. Open 10am - 4:30pm daily, May 30 - Oct 8. No admission charge, but donations accepted. Housed in the community's first church built after the Great Peshtigo Fire of Oct 8, 1871, the museum is a living model of the area's history. Exhibits include several items melted or otherwise damaged by the fire. The museum is a tribute to the community that was reborn from the ashes of America's worst forest fire. The conflagration occurred the same day as the Great Chicago Fire. More than 800 persons died in the Peshtigo Fire.

Menominee County, MI

IXL Historical Museum - Hermansville, MI, U.S. Hwy 2, west of Powers/Spalding, located across railroad tracks from the business district. Open 1-4pm daily. Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Admission $1.00. Group tours by appointment only. Call Rose Schultz (906)498-2498. If you are looking for something different in museums, this is a must. Perhaps no other logging museum in this area, certainly in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has archives as artistically preserved as this one. The museum's name is derived from the logo of the historic Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co., a large lumbering operation that manufactured the nationally famous IXL hardwood flooring.

How unique is it? Its four floors were the original company offices. Built in 1882 and 1883, it stands essentially as it was constructed. The only modernization has been some changes in plumbing and heating. Its large globe lights have been maintained. The company's once huge vault is replete with the large tomes and other records of the giant company which was the economic kingpin of the area. Visitors will find the high ceilings and windows, glass-caged offices and high desks, wainscoting and ornate wood trim impressive. Also on display are adding machines and comptometers, old typewriters, dictaphones, mimeograph machines and old wall type telephones...the business machines of yester-year. The second floor has some rooms furnished as living quarters to show the lifestyle of the company officers who resided there. Another large section is devoted to historic pictures and old tools used by the company

Menominee County Historical Museum - 904 11th Street, Menominee, MI, 1/2 block east of U.S. Hwy 41. Open Mon thru Sat, 10am-5pm. Sun, 1-5pm. May 30 - Sep 30. Special tours by appointment. No admission fee, but donations are accepted. The building, erected in 1921, is the former St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. The bell in the tower is from the original church constructed in 1871. If you are interested in Indian relics and artifacts of early settlers, this museum should be included in your itinerary. The museum has a large collection of arrowheads, Indian tools and two Indian canoes that were hollowed out from large trees. They are believed to be more than 800 years old.

Fur trading was a prominent part of life on the Menominee River more than a century ago. The first permanent trading post is recreated in the museum. The trading post dates back to 1797. One of the original timbers is on display. Fur trading was a prominent part of life on the Menominee River more than a century ago. The first permanent trading post is recreated in the museum. The trading post dates back to 1797. One of the original timbers is on display. Also on display is one of the finest collections of the sawmill and logging days in the area. Records indicate that in 1893 there was enough lumber shipped out of Menominee to construct more than 64,000 homes. The Menominee County Historical Society, which operated the museum on a volunteer basis, is proud to claim one of the world's largest grindstones. A local circus buff has donated a miniature circus of more than 12,000 pieces that took its builder a lifetime to construct. Many parts are animated. There also are displays of early day offices of a doctor, a dentist, and a lawyer. There is a cobbler shop, blacksmith shop, railroad telephone office and more.

Oconto County, WI

Beyer Home Museum, Oconto, WI. 917 Park Ave., Oconto, WI. Open 9am - 5pm daily, Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Admission Charge. A beautiful Victorian home, carriage house, and annex, this mansion in Oconto is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The G. E. Hall annex contains the "Old Main Street" display. Logging, copper culture, and military displays are arranged to give visitors a lesson on Oconto area history. Antique vehicles are among the displays, including two early electric automobiles.

Holt & Balcom Logging Camp - Near Lakewood, WI in Oconto County, but east of Hwy 32 on County F. Open weekends during the summer. The camp is one of the oldest logging camps in the U.S. A registered national landmark, the old camp gives a review of how lumberjacks lived years ago. Virgin pines were the game and lumber barons were the hunters. The forests of Wisconsin and Michigan were stripped bare. When the trees were depleted the old logging camps were abandoned. The Holt & Balcom camp was one of the late survivors, active until the late 1920s. To the west of Lakewood in Nicolet National Forest, off forest road 2121, stand a few white pines which survived the lumbering era; referred to as "Cathedral of Pines."

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