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Personal Banking

     Checking Accounts
     Savings & Money Markets
     CDs & IRAs
     Fraud & Identity Theft
     Galaxies Unlimited Kids' Club
     Credit Cards
     Meet Your Personal Bankers

Personal Banking

Account options to fit your lifestyle.

From your very first checking account to a golden retirement,
we are here to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Personal Checking - Learn about our variety of interest-bearing and personal checking account options to fit your needs

  • Savings & Money Markets - Select one or more of our attractive savings products to keep your nest egg secure

  • CDs & IRAs - Earn a higher interest rate on your long-term savings

  • Rates - View and compare the current interest rates on all deposit products

  • Fraud & Identity Theft - Resources to help you protect your most important asset: your identity

  • Galaxies Unlimited Kids' Club - This is no ordinary savings club. No matter where you are starting from, we are here to help you reach for the highest star!

  • Credit Cards - What do you want most from a credit card? Now you have a choice. Whatever your needs, we have a credit card that's right for you!

  • Services - Take advantage of the several services we offer to make banking easy and accessible. Internet Banking, eStatements, and more!

  • Meet Your Personal Bankers - Get to know our talented and friendly Personal Bankers before even stepping foot in the branch

Want to learn more?
FMBT knows you may have a lot the questions when it comes to banking. Get started on the right foot with these free 5-minute self-paced financial education modules brought to you by FMBT.
Checking Account Financial Education Module   Savings Accounts financial education module   Building Emergency Savings financial education module

Overdrafts Financial education module   Identity Protection financial education module   Budgeting Tool financial education module
Visit the FMBT Financial Education Center to access all the free digital financial education modules.